Father Duffy Day - February 24

Help us bring back a Malvern tradition!

Thank you to the 62 donors who contributed more than $10,000 on Father Duffy Day! See the list.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the passing of Father Dave Duffy, O.S.A. '48. For many years, we celebrated his life by making an extra effort to make someone feel special on Father Duffy's birthday - February 24. This year, we want to bring back Father Duffy Day!

On this day, we ask that you reach out to someone who needs a boost or deserves our thanks - that is what Father Duffy would have done! In addition, we ask that you continue Father Duffy's legacy of support and love for Malvern Prep by making a Gift of Gratitude for someone special in your life. Maybe it is a teacher or coach who made an impact on your life, or a friend who stood by you when you needed him most.

How It Works:

On February 24, click here to make a gift to The Malvern Fund. Select "Gift of Gratitude" from the drop-down menu. Make sure you recognize that special person in the "Tribute Information" section.

Your gift will be included in this special one-day giving drive, and we will post your name and the name of the person you recognize on the Malvern website and in Malvern Today, our annual report of giving!

We have been sharing photos and memories of Father Duffy through #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday on social media.
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Malvern students say why they are grateful.

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Thank you to all who showed your support with a kind act for someone or a made a gift in someone's honor on Father Duffy Day. 

Check out the list below of our honoree's

 Donor     Honoree            Donor     Honoree     
Joseph Altomonte, Jr.    Dr. Joseph Altomonte       Paul M. McShane  Rev. David J. Duffy, O.S.A. '48
Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A.
Jim Stewart
William F. Ariano Basil B. Sullivan       Kevin J. Mulqueen Catherine Mulqueen
Jack Mulqueen
Curtis T. Bedwell Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A.       Robert J. Napoli Richard K. Roper
Kathleen Brecker Tom Ostrom       Joseph S. Nilan Kevin P. Whitney
Carlo A. Chinici Jim Stewart       Gerad F. Novak John P. McGuinn
Stephen T. Colaiezzi Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A.       Gamp Pellegrini Rev. David J. Duffy, O.S.A. '48
Thomas Colaiezzi Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A.       Susan Pizzica Albert L. Pizzica
Allison Pizzica
Francine Cox Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A.       Kathleen Plows The Blackfriar Chronicle
Paul D. Crane Herminia Punzalan       Eli Polnerow Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A.
Michael M. Dewey Andrew C. Lawrence       Robert F. Powelson Robert Powelson
Mary Patricia Powelson
Kevin Duffy Daryl Strickling       Vincent Schiavone Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A.
Thomas J. Eberle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Eberle       Jay Schiller Paul Hornsleth
2016 Aquatics Team
Ryan P. Edginton Malvern Prep
Teachers & Staff
      Alexander E. Schoenfeld   Joanne E. Walsh
Stephen F. Friend Mr. and Mrs. John Friend       Jerry E. Sheridan Steven R. Valyo
Kevin M. Frost Fred G. Hilliard       Marie J. Sumser

Clement O'Donnell
Marie O'Donnell
Dottie Rudnick

James Harris 6th Grade Academy
Teachers & Staff 
      Christian M. Talbot Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A.
Jim Stewart
Harry J. Hutchinson Harry J. Hutchinson
Patrick Hutchinson
      J. Michael Treston Dolores Magee
John M. Treston
Matthew Treston
Ryan Kelly Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A.
Steve Swope
Jim Fry
      Bryan C. Willcox J. Taney Willcox, Jr.
Yvonne McClatchy Timothy McClatchy       Patrick L. Williams Frances Price
Stephen G. McGill Nicholas H. McGill       Howard A. Willis Genevieve Willis
Carolyn McLaughlin Corinne O'Connell       Lee A. Zoeller Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A.
Jim Stewart


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