Defining the Goals

These priorities represent what the Committee believes to be the most pressing issues and opportunities facing the School at this time, as well as the strategies that will allow Malvern Prep to continue to flourish while remaining true to our core values.




Student Life


College Preparation



Goal One: Curriculum

Highlight and create distinctive features of the curriculum that produce young men who will thrive as learners in an ever-changing college landscape, and who will live a life of integrity and courageous leadership in a global society.

The goal of the Curriculum Committee is to develop a plan to create a challenging, dynamic curriculum that produces young men who will thrive as learners in an ever-changing college landscape and live a life of integrity and courageous leadership in a global society. Utilizing the most effective all-boys’ educational practices, Malvern Prep’s curriculum will educate young men with the Augustinian values of Truth, Unity, and Love at its center. Through inquiry-based learning, collaborative problem solving, an interdisciplinary curriculum, and the effective integration of technology to enhance instruction, assessment, communication, and course content, the curriculum will challenge and instruct Malvern students with the most effective 21st century educational practices.

Strategy A: Engage the question of global citizenship and its implications for our educational program so that the academic programs mirror the curriculum, teaching methods and requirements of our target colleges and universities in the year 2016.

Strategy B: Expand our capacity to engage students and teachers in exploration and discovery-based learning activities, collaborative problem solving, and interdisciplinary learning in an all-boys learning environment.

Strategy C: Develop three- to five-year curriculum goals for the use of technology in the classroom, which include the development of a professional development model and an overall philosophy on the use of technology assisting faculty in advancing student learning, creativity and innovation.


Goal 2: Personnel

Ensure that the School can attract, develop, and retain the highest caliber of diverse faculty and staff who are experts in their discipline, recognize the value of an all boys’ environment, and embrace the core values of Malvern Prep.

To achieve its core mission, Malvern Prep relies on a talented, engaged, and diverse group of faculty, who, from their varied perspectives, can design, implement and refine its educational program.

Strategy A: Foster a commitment to maintaining an Augustinian spirit on campus.

Strategy B: Engage in succession planning to ensure smooth transitions as a large number of faculty and staff retire over the next several years.

Strategy C: Ensure that the faculty evaluation system is based on a mentoring/coaching model that results in specific goals tied to professional development, the use of technology, and the integration of global citizenship.

Strategy D: Strive to hire new faculty who bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to the community, understand and embrace all boys’ education and possess the technical expertise pertinent to the global world in which our students live.


Goal 3: Marketing

Promote the School’s distinct identity in the marketplace.

To remain highly competitive, Malvern Prep must develop a professional, systematic and highly effective approach to marketing to both internal and external audiences. Malvern Prep needs to be proactive in communicating its mission and history as a Catholic, Independent, all-boys school that graduates young men who will have a positive impact on their community, country and world.

Strategy A: Embrace and strengthen diversity at Malvern Prep.

Strategy B: From the School’s current marketing platform, develop a two-year strategic marketing plan informed by research and designed to educate on the distinct characteristics of a Malvern Prep education and the value the educational opportunity provides the student.

Strategy C: Create a marketing plan to educate internal audiences — faculty, staff, parents — on the value of an all-boys education and the success of Malvern Prep graduates in college and in life.

Strategy D: Explore new ways to bring members of the external community to our campus.


Goal 4: Student Life

Ensure that the boys enrolled at Malvern Prep are offered balanced, age-appropriate and challenging opportunities to grow outside the classroom.

Opportunities outside the classroom are an essential part of an Independent school’s offerings and must be viewed as central to a student’s full experience.

Strategy A: Explore athletic opportunities for those students who do not make varsity teams, but wish to compete on a team while at Malvern Prep.

Strategy B: Examine the school’s role in providing social opportunities for students, both within the school and with other schools, to ensure that they are sufficient to meet the developmental needs of boys.

Strategy C: Examine all non-academic offerings to ensure that they are meeting our current objectives and anticipated objectives over the next five years.

Strategy D: Evaluate the Christian Service Learning Program to ensure its integration into the curriculum, so that students have the opportunity to discuss their experiences and learn more fully.


Goal 5: Enrollment

Develop an Enrollment Management system that attracts, enrolls and retains a diverse group of boys with talent, intelligence, integrity and promise, who will have the ability and ambition to maximize their college acceptance opportunities.

Enrollment management, the process of establishing and executing systems to manage the recruitment and retention of students, is essential in a competitive marketplace. The quality of students enrolled links, in large measure, to the school’s college placement success.

Strategy A: Ensure that the enrollment management systems that are currently in place meet the needs of post-recession enrollment and retention challenges.

Strategy B: Evaluate the balance of middle school versus high school enrollment levels and their impact on the school community.



Goal 6: College Preparation

Ensure that the College Counseling Program and the Academic Counseling Program have the talent, tools and organizational structure to provide each boy with every opportunity to gain entrance into his "best fit" school.

College admission is often the primary reason a family will enroll their son in an Independent school, and parents have high expectations of the process. The college acceptance list is viewed, fairly or unfairly, by the outside world as a measurement of the School’s academic strength.

Strategy A: Evaluate the structure of the current counseling department and determine if the structure meets the stated goal.

Strategy B: Communicate the college counseling curriculum to parents of 8th, 9th and 10th graders to ensure that they understand fully the school’s role and the student’s role.

Strategy C: Utilize the Malvern community’s relationships with target colleges and universities to assist students in the preparation and enrollment in their first-choice college.


Goal 7: Finances

To continue to seek financial equilibrium marked by a distinguished educational program, the faculty and staff needed to implement the program, a balanced annual budget, the preservation and enhancement of the physical assets, and the ability to achieve the goals set out in this plan.

Financial equilibrium is necessary to sustain the resources required to support the School’s educational mission and program. Achieving this goal will require a commitment to lessen the reliance on tuition revenue, the discipline to retire one program before adding another, the careful oversight of endowment, and significant fundraising.

Strategy A: Continue to use a financial model to forecast the revenue and expense streams associated with tuition, particular programs, and policies so that the leadership can have a financial basis for determining how to balance competing priorities.

Strategy B: Through major gift fundraising, increase the School’s endowment by 50% as a means of reducing the reliance on tuition, attending to facility needs, providing the professional development funds needed to achieve the goals of the strategic plan, and managing the retirement of faculty in the next few years.


Our Mission

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