Student Services and Support

Malvern prep offers a variety of support services to our students and families. Counselors act as the first line of defense in assisting students and families and sometimes determine if a student needs additional services such as the school psychologist or learning specialist.

Learning Specialist
The role of the Learning Specialist is to work directly with students individually or in small groups that are experiencing academic challenges or have previously identified documented strengths and challenges. The Learning Specialist will help students improve their learning skills so that they have the opportunity to achieve better academic success. Students will learn various study skill strategies based on their unique strengths/challenges, utilize goal-setting for motivation, incorporate time-management techniques to develop organization, and recognize the importance of self-advocacy and awareness. The Learning Specialist will gather data regarding academic progress of students, schedule classroom observations, perform informal assessments, keep records of interventions/strategies being used, formulate specialized plans for students, facilitate meetings with parents, counselors, teachers and administrators to discuss academic needs and student progress, and provide parents with resources that will help them to understand how to best support and advocate for their child.

School Psychologist
Our School Psychologist is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Certified School Psychologist. The School Psychologist’s primary role is to work with students either individually or in groups to address such issues as anxiety, stress, depression, transitions, family issues, self-esteem and social skills. Additionally the school psychologist is available to work with parents and families who may have a particular concern, question, or issue that is impacting their son. The school psychologist consults with the faculty and staff on an as needed basis. In terms of assessments, the school psychologist consults with the learning specialist and reviews any psychoeducational evaluations provided to determine the need for accommodations such as testing accommodations. Additionally, the school psychologist makes application to the College Board for accommodations for standardized testing such as SATs and ACTs. The school psychologist is available  to discuss the need for psychoeducational assessments and make recommendations to the family regarding assessments for a student who may be struggling academically.

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