Support Services

Ninth Period
Ninth Period is an excellent opportunity for any student desiring extra help from a teacher.  It is school policy that a student who receives a D or F grade at the end of a marking period be assigned Ninth Period to help improve their performance in that class.  Any time a teacher judges that a student is not doing satisfactory work, he may insist the student attend Ninth Period.  Every attempt will be made to assign students to the day before their testing day.  The assignment of the student will be done by the Administration.  No detention may be served before the end of the Ninth Period.

Study Skills
Study Skills is modeled after higher education study skills programs and is designed to help students become responsible, confident and independent learners.   This non-credit course will aid students with improving their skills in goal-setting, organization, time management, test-taking, note-taking, listening, and countering test anxiety.  Students will also tailor course specific study techniques to different subject areas. Students taking Study Skills will be required to have at least one study hall during the academic year. Students will meet twice a cycle, during the designated study hall period. The course is pass/fail.

Peer Tutoring
The National Honor Society provides peer-tutors to any student who requests help in any subject.

The members of the National Honor Society are available every morning, starting at 7:50 am, for any student who may have had trouble the night before with a homework question.

Professional Tutoring
During the academic year, private tutoring by Malvern faculty is available for most subject areas. During the summer, full or half credit courses in most subjects are also available through private or semi-private tutoring by Malvern faculty. Remedial courses consist of 30 hours of classroom instruction; enrichment courses consist of 45 hours of classroom instruction. Each session is a minimum of 1 hour, with a maximum of 3 hours.

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