Concussion Reporting Form

Dear Malvern Community,

We are sure you are aware that there has been a heightened awareness of concussions over the past several years. Malvern has responded to this and has worked to educate ourselves and be aware of how to best work with students who have been diagnosed with a concussion. Our Head Athletic Trainer, William Mills, has dedicated his graduate studies to the study of concussions. We also have put together a Concussion Team which includes the Head Athletic Trainer, School Psychologist, School Nurse and Learning Specialists. We meet regularly to discuss the needs of the students diagnosed with concussions and how to best help the students heal and re-adjust to daily activities and workload.

In an effort to streamline communication, the Malvern Prep Concussion Team has developed an electronic form to report all concussions. This form will trigger the initial communication necessary for the Concussion Team to begin addressing the potential needs of the student. If your child has sustained a head injury, either in school or out of school, sports related or not, it is important for us to know about it in order to address your son's potential needs. The Concussion Reporting Form can be found below. Once you submit a form, the Concussion Team will be notified. William Mills, Director of the Concussion Team and Head Athletic Trainer, will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.

For more information on ways to recognize, respond to and minimize the risk of concussion, please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Heads Up for Brain Injury Awareness.

Many thanks,

Ron Algeo
Upper School Head

Patrick Sillup
Middle School Head

The Concussion Team

William Mills
Director of the Concussion Team
Head Athletic Trainer

Carissa Casey
Middle School Learning Specialist

Francine Cox
Upper School Learning Specialist

Kit McGettigan
School Nurse

Dorothy Sayers
School Psychologst

Concussion Reporting Form

Concussion Symptoms
To the best of your knowledge, how did the head injury occur?
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