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Marcus Toconita and Nino Cutrufello Economics Case Study Day

Marcus Toconita ’98 and Nino Cutrufello ’98 built their housing company, Callahan Ward, a few years prior to the real estate bubble bursting. They’ve managed to weather the storm and come up successful. This past year, they completed a case study with Mr. John Ostick’s Economics class on making smart business decisions.

The students’ initial lesson was a brief overview of what Toconita and Cutrufello experience each day at work. Toconita commented, “If we had been given the opportunity to learn from a real-life case study in high school, it would have saved us time, energy and money.” Students were then divided into groups and asked to make crucial and tough business decisions.

Initially, the boys were given a portfolio of actual properties and asked to pick the one they would most likely pursue. Toconita and Cutrufello then shared which property they selected and why they selected it. Next, the boys discussed creating a project and how to make a pitch to lenders. They learned how to influence investors to invest in their ideas. Toconita and Cutrufello also discussed supply and demand, loan interest calculation, developing a budget, estimating job costs, hiring employees and many other functions of Callahan Ward that related to the Economics curriculum.

Two Students Sit on Jury of Reed Smith, LLP Mock Trial in Philadelphia

 Riley Ammerman ’16 and Bailey Meyer ’17, participated on the jury as part of Reed Smith LLP’s Mock Trial in Philadelphia. They listened to the materials presented from a real court case, deliberated and granted a decision. The learning outcomes are: to experience a real court case; work as a collaborative group to make a verdict on the case; network with lawyers from Reed Smith, LLP; and gain exposure and connect with top lawyers from around the country.

Reed Smith, LLP is one of the top law firms in the U.S. and abroad. They run a biannual mock trial where top executives, hand-picked for this honor, present a case to a jury of students.

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