Pay Process

Employees are paid by check or direct deposit on the 1st and 15th of each month. If our payday falls on a holiday or weekend, then the payday typically becomes the last working day before the weekend or holiday. Exceptions may occur for circumstances like the calendar year end, when the January 1st payrool date will be paid on January 1st and not pre-dated. All appropriate wage and payroll deductions are taken out of each paycheck as required by law.

Grade Levels

The School has implemented a grade level structure for all positions at Malvern Prep. Grade levels are basically ranges of salaries used by many organizations as a framework to manage compensation. Grade levels at Malvern Prep will encompass both vertical and horizontal ranges.

  • Vertical range: Each level increases in pay relative to the responsibilities, scope and requirements of roles at that grade level.
  • Horizontal range: A beginning, mid-point and maximum amount of pay for each grade level to allow for pay differentiation based on factors such as experience, performance, skills, potential, etc. 

Depending on opportunities, budget, positive performance trends, etc., progression may occur both within the horizontal and vertical ranges.

Overall, grade levels are intended to provide a structure for fairly and equitably compensating employees and managing payroll. 

The most updated information pertaining to grade levels and the expectations for each position in each grade level can be found on the shared "Human Resources" folder on the Google Drive or it can be obtained on Malvern's website.

Overtime Pay

Overtime is sometimes necessary from time to time to meet our commitments to our students and to our community. Sometimes this requires that employees are available on short notice to work overtime when circumstances require. 

A Non-Exempt employee ("Hourly" or "Salary Plus") who works more than forty (40) hours in a work-week will be paid for the hours worked beyond 40 at the overtime rate of time one and one-half (1 1/2)of the emplyoee's regular rate of pay. The School sets the salary rate for "Salary Plus" employees to account for all hours worked up until 40 in a work-week. This builds into the employee's salary extra compensation for those times when the "Salary Plus" employee may work between 35 and 40 hours in a work-week. "Salary Plus" employees receive additional pay beyond their regular salary only for hours worked beyond 40 in a work-week, which will be paid at the overtime rate.

In some circumstances, operating needs may require scheduling adjustments that would result in the Non-Exempt employee working more than 40 hours within the work-week, if the emplyoee worked his/her regularly scheduled hours in addition to hours in which additional coverage or work is needed. Depending on the operating needs, the School may adjust the employee's schedule so that the employee's total hours worked for the work week do not exceed 40, or the School may allow the employee to elect between reducing his/her hours within the remainder of that work-week, or working more than 40 hours and receiving overtime pay based on the hours worked beyond 40. 

Since overtime compensation has budgetary implications, non-exempy employees need to obtain approval from their manager prior to working overtime. Failure to receive authorization prior to working overtime may result in disciplinary action. Exempt employees are not eligible for overtime compensation, as they are paid a salary versus by the hour and that salary includes all of the time worked during the pay period. 



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