2015-2016 Summary of Employee Benefits

Group health and dental insurance:  The School offers the option of Personal Choice and Keystone Health Plan East to Full-time employees.   The School pays a percentage towards available coverages (coverages and amounts are available from the Business Office).  The employee is responsible for the difference between what the School pays and the actual monthly cost of the insurance.  Due to increasing costs of health insurance, changes in the School’s coverage are possible in the future.  Every effort will be made to provide employees prior notice of any such changes. Access I.D. card or create an IBX account.

The School also provides the employee an opportunity to enroll in Delta Dental Insurance.  This expense is fully funded by the employee. Access I.D. Card or Create Delta Dental Account. Enrolle Notices Flyer.

Waiver of Health Insurance:  The School offers its full time employees the option to waive health insurance.  The employee will be compensated at a rate of taxable gross pay in the amount of $235.00 each month opting out of health insurance coverage effect November 1, 2015 payable November 1, 2016.  In the event the employee’s spouse loses health insurance coverage, the employee has the opportunity to elect coverage under our health insurance plan.  Copies of these forms are available in the Business Office as well as on the faculty website.

Flexible Spending Plan:  The School offers its Full-time employees the opportunity to participate in a Flexible Spending Account.  Yearly enrollment is prior to the calendar year end and all elections will begin with the January 1 payroll.  Enrollment forms and information is available in the Business Office. Download the Claim Reimbursement Form. Download the Direct Deposit Form.

Life insurance:  The School provides Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance to all Full-Time Employees.  Coverage is three times the employees’ base salary ($300,000 maximum).  This benefit is fully funded by the School.  Enrollment forms and information is available in the Business Office, as well as the on the faculty website.

Long-term Disability:  The School provides Long-term disability insurance for Full-time Employees.  In the event of disability, the School will pay full salary for the first 60 days.  The School will pay 60% of the salary, not to exceed $10,000 a month, from the 61st day until the 90th day.  To the extent permitted by the School’s disability policy(ies) then in effect such insurance will pay 60% of the salary not to exceed $10,000 a month, from the 91st day until age70, less other income benefits, if the disability continues that long.  Any employee on long term disability insurance who is certified as being able to return to full-time employment will be reinstated by the School only if an appropriate opening exists at that time, unless a Leave of Absence has been granted under normal provisions of such leave.  This benefit is fully funded by the School.  Information is available in the Business Office.

403(b) retirement plan:  The School will contribute for all full-time employees, 5% of your W-2 gross wages into a pension fund after one full year of service.  After ten years of service to the School, 7% of your W-2 gross wages will be contributed into the pension fund.  Self-contribution can begin at any time.  All contributions made on behalf of the employee are immediately vested.  Enrollment forms and information is available in the Business Office. For Salary Deferral Form, please click here. Alerus Distribution Form. Alerus Special Tax Notice.

Tuition Remission for Degree Advancement:  The School offers its employees 100% financial tuition assistance for approved graduate credits upon receipt of an “A” or “B” in the course.  All miscellaneous fees and travel are the responsibility of the employee.  All graduate courses must be approved by the Head of School prior to enrolling. 

Tuition Assistance for Sons attending Malvern:  The School offers all Full-time employees who were hired prior to January 1, 2001 full tuition remission for their son(s) at Malvern Prep upon the acceptance of their son(s) by the Admission Committee.  All Full-time employees who were hired after January 1, 2001 may file for financial aid based on both spouses income.  After 3 years of Full-time service, the Full-time employee may file for financial aid based solely on the income of their spouse.

Computer Purchase Program:  The School offers its employees the opportunity to purchase any computer for personal use a promissory note to be repaid over two years via payroll withholdings. Information is available in the Business Office.

Keystone Federal Credit Union:  The School has partnered with Keystone Federal Credit Union to provide the opportunity for all employees to take advantage of the banking services they offer.  If chosen to participate, the employee can then stipulate an amount that can be withheld after taxes to be deposited on their behalf.  Information is available in the Business Office.

Daycare: We have partnered with three local daycare providers who are willing to give discounts to our employees. Please note: It is your responsibility to determine whether these daycare facilities are appropriate for your children. There offers do not imply a recommendation by Malvern Prep. The daycare providers are:

*Both of the KinderCare locations will start with a 5% discount if three Malvern Prep children enroll and it will increase to 10% if six children enroll.

Corporate Shopping: We have partnered with CorporateShopping.com, an online, cost-free employee benefit that provides exclusive shopping discounts to our employees. There are more than 250 top national retailers offering employee discounts and private offers. Please register online. If you have any questions about this program, contact the provider via email.

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