6th Grade Curriculum

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This course focuses on the fundamentals of art and will include hands-on studio work, art history, art criticism and discussions about aesthetics. Students, beginning in the sixth grade, learn about different mediums, basic tools and techniques, the vocabulary needed to talk about art, along with problem-solving skills used in making and discussing art. Students will discover the world of art from its very creation in a prehistoric setting.

This academic course will provide sixth grade students with a basic understanding of the elements of music, placing emphasis on music literary, notation skills, composition and performance. Students will be introduced to the vocabulary of music, gain proficiency at music writing, and have the opportunity to create and perform their own musical compositions. This course serves as a foundation for other related courses to be offered, including music theory, instrumental, and choral music. 

Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade perform at school concerts, masses, and other public events throughout the year. Please contact instructor for chorus placement information.

Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade perform at school concerts, masses, and other public events throughout the year. Students are required to audition for placement to determine ability level. Please contact band instructor for placement information​.


English Language Arts (ELA)
The 6th grade English Language Arts curriculum adheres closely to the English Language Arts standards of reading, speaking, listening, and writing.  Through a central theme of journalism, students will discover the power of their words.  Storytelling, interviewing, and researching are the vehicles the students will use to express their words.  Students will have multiple opportunities to exhibit, publish, and present their work.  An additional focus on grammar, vocabulary, and the writing process will help support them in their journey to become better writers 

Global Perspectives
In an increasingly interconnected world, global awareness and citizenship are of great importance. Students will seek to make connections geographically, philosophically and historically as they engage in problem solving, collaboration and deep thinking. Through project-based design, experiential learning, and presentation of learning, 6th grade students will be compelled to ask and answer big questions such as:
- How did we get here? 
- What are the greatest challenges confronting us as a human race?
- How can we collectively understand and address the struggles of the world?

Global Perspectives will challenge our students to consider various contemporary issues while thinking about the roles of the United States and the United Nations across the globe. Ultimately, the course aims to teach students how to think globally. 

This course will prepare students for the rigors of Algebra 1.  Students will expand and apply their mastered skills to relevant, real world problems and projects.   Working cooperatively and interdisciplinary, students will apply learned skills in a meaningful way, which will promote deeper and more authentic learning.  Focus will be on developing number sense, computation with rational numbers and integers, properties of real numbers, solving equations, graphing linear equations, inequalities and systems, polygons, metric measurement and problem solving. This course is carefully crafted to include all standards for Pre-Algebra while paralleling the studies of the Humanities and Sciences whenever appropriate.  Both creative and critical thinking are emphasized.  Students will be required to communicate their learning through technology, presentations and displays. 

The 6th grade science student will learn cross-cutting scientific themes, which will enable him to make connections about how the world does work and how it could work. This will be done through significant project components, creating an environment of deeper understanding and math integration. 

Spanish I 
6th grade Spanish I is an introduction to communication in the Spanish language and culture. The course aims to develop proficiency in the three modes of communication: Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational.  Students will gain a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary, as well as the skills and strategies necessary for communication in authentic contexts. Students will develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills by deeply exploring authentic, interdisciplinary themes that will allow them to interact meaningfully with the world around them using the Spanish language. 

6th grade theology is a year of connections. Our youngest students are trained to see the connection of Christianity to the Old Testament traditions and to study the essentials of the Christian faith with a view to appreciating the development of belief through the centuries. Each important area of Catholic tradition is traced and analyzed so that the students can better understand the treasures of Scripture and history that have given form to Catholicism. This course serves as a preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.



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