Connecting and Collaborating

“We need the gifts of others to make for what is lacking in ourselves.”
- St. Augustine

Which would you rather watch: the NBA All-Star game or the NBA Finals? A collection of individuals competing for themselves, or teams, working together, and competing for a championship? We prefer teams. Sure, there is great talent present at every All-Star game, but there aren't great teams. There is something special about watching a group of individuals pulling toward a common goal. 

The Immigration Project Connection

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part of the foundation of a Malvern education.

Extend this line of thinking to schools. Those most successful are the places that can develop and nurture a deep sense of team. At Malvern, we have adopted a true team approach to teaching and learning that allows us to accomplish the following:
- Develop and implement inter-disciplinary learning experiences that support learning outcomes
- Build skills of critical thinking, communication and collaboration through repeated practice and reflection
- Identify character strengths and build upon them
- Maximize student and teacher achievement

Our team approach has also lead to a culture of feedback and self-reflection. Students and teachers engage in constant and continuous feedback with one another that enables the learning experience—and performances within those experiences—to constantly improve learning outcomes for our students. What works, what doesn't and how can we get “better” are questions that guide day-to-to-day and month-to-month classroom practice.

Parents are a critical part of our team approach too.  We welcome and depend upon feedback and ideas from our parents. Parents play a major role in their son's education, and we believe that open and constant communication is key. You already know your son.  We will know him too. And working together to provide guidance and support  is critical to giving your son the best educational experiences possible. 

Despite common gut reactions, teaming does not stunt individual growth and performance. In fact, it enhances it. Think Jordan, Magic and Bird— all wonderful talents, but without a team, incapable of reaching the highest of heights. The hard and soft skills learned through a team approach allow your son to become the best possible version of himself. 


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