The Importance of Reflection

"Do not look outside; return to yourself. In our interior the truth resides ... go inside, where the light of reason is illuminated."
-St. Augustine, 'The True Religion' 39, 72

The Immigration Project Connection

The Immigration Project Connection: In his Unitas blog post,
Jack Cassidy '17, reflects on the Design Thinking process.

We will know your student. Our teachers are committed to working with and for the student to achieve success. Conversations built around systemic, informative feedback can lead to awesome outcomes. One of the ways in which that is happening is through reflection.

How We Are Doing Reflection at Malvern Prep:

  • Students are constantly journaling their thoughts and reflecting on their work to improve as learners.
  • Our teachers have 1:1 conversations with your son, allowing them to better understand your son's learning styles, motivators, strengths and gaps.
  • Our teachers then have conversations with you, the parent, allowing discussion about you son's learning styles and how our teachers can help him become a better learner.

Benefits of Reflection:

  • These reflections lead to a level of unmatched accountability as students and teachers engage as co-learners throughout the academic year. While it is a demanding approach, it is beneficial to both you and your son, as we are ensuring he will be a better learner and these are skills he will take with him through his time at Malvern Prep and after.

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