Driving and Parking on Campus


For the safety of everyone on campus, Malvern Prep expects all drivers to obey the following driving regulations and to make the safety of our community one’s top priority while driving on campus. The following rules apply to all drivers:

  • The maximum speed limit is 10 MPH around the entire length of the Ring Road.
  • Drivers traveling around campus through parking lots must always yield to pedestrians until they have safely crossed the road.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to travel into the interior of campus.
  • Drivers in St. Augustine Circle located at the front of campus have the right of way. You must yield to them from all directions.
  • Traffic will drive one-way counter clockwise around Ring Road.
  • Obey all stop signs.
  • No one is permitted to stop and drop off anywhere on Ring Road or at the St. Augustine statue.
  • If the rules are disobeyed the Malvern Police department may be called to enforce the rules of the road by ticketing those violators.
  • At no time are vehicles to park along Ring Road, in the bus lanes, or at the front circle unless directed by security or parking personnel.
  • At no time will vehicles enter the middle of campus.



  • When visitors arrive on campus during the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. they are to bear right at the front circle, drive up the Ring Road and make their first left into the visitor parking lot, Point A on the map below, park their vehicle, and proceed down the path to Austin Hall and check in with the school receptionist.
  • Members of the public visiting the school to attend public events, such as open house, athletic competitions, or public performances may proceed directly to the event venue without visiting the school receptionist.

 Faculty and Staff:

  • All faculty and staff must register their car and obtain a parking permit from the Dean of Students Office. The parking permit must always be visible in the front windshield of the car.
  • The designated faculty and staff parking lot is located beside the O’Neil Center,  Point B on the map below, however; faculty and staff are permitted to park in any designated parking on campus except the visitor parking lot.


  • All student drivers must register their cars and obtain a parking permit from the Dean of Students office, before he begins parking on campus. The parking permit must always be visible in the front windshield of the car. Registered student drivers must park in the lots designated for student parking. Point C on the map below

 Malvern Swimming Association (MSA):

  • Parking for MSA members is designated behind the Duffy Center,  Point D on the map below. If parking in this area fills up you may park on the South East side of the O’Neil Center, Point C on the map below.

Facilities Renters:

  • If you are renting out one of Malvern Prep facilities you will park in the area designated by the Director of external programs.




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