“Malvern Rowing has truly been a life changing experience for me… Before joining the Rowing team, I was a struggling student, was not focused on school, and felt lost because I could never fulfill my dreams of being that star athlete.  Immediately after joining the team, I noticed improvements in my work ethic, in class, quality of friends and outlook on life in general. Malvern Rowing provided me with the tools to succeed as well as the instillation of lifelong friendships and life-lessons… Arriving at Columbia, I would say that I was the most academically and athletically prepared freshman on the team.”
- Mike Donohue ’09, Columbia University ’13

“… rowing for Malvern was an experience that I will cherish and always look back on… Winning became a habit thanks to the lessons my coaches taught me. These lessons pertained to all facets of my life and I was able to apply what I learned, both on and off the water, to aspects of my college career including sports and academics.  Rowing for Malvern taught me that quitting and accepting failure is never an option and that I should accept nothing but the best from myself…Because of rowing for Malvern, I know that my future holds no boundaries and I can achieve unlimited success just by working hard for it.”
- AJ DiValerio ’07, Cornell University ’12 (Cornell’s Architecture major is a 5-year program)

“Rowing for Malvern is the best thing I did in high school.  I met great people, achieved victory, and enjoyed the atmosphere…Being a Malvern rower gave me a great sense of time management; At Malvern I had to balance a tough physical training schedule with the long hours in the classroom. This made me have an easy transition into a military lifestyle.”
- MIDN David S. Matasic’10, United State Military Academy ’14

“Malvern Rowing taught me a lot of lessons that have been helpful and it also set me up for an unforgettable college rowing experience…rowing is definitely one of those sports where if you work hard for a long while, you can succeed – no matter where you started out.  I credit rowing at Malvern and rowing in college with helping me to eventually break out of my shell and pick up life skills that you can only get from working as a team towards a common goal.”
- Bill Garthwaite ’04, MIT ’08 (B.S.  Environmental Engineering), Cornell Law School ’12 (JD/LLM in International and Comparative Law) 

“Malvern Rowing showed me exactly what consistent work ethic was… At Malvern, Coach Hoffman prepared us to row at the college level with the level of intensity his workouts consisted of and the certain technique he taught us. I would not have changed my high school experience at all.”
- Mark Borgerson ’07, Northeastern University ’12 

“Malvern Rowing has had a definite impact on my life. Through my four years at Malvern, the rowing program instilled a work ethic and drive for success that I was able to carry on to other parts of my life… The bond you develop with your teammates is one that extends past the four years of high school… After college, the common rowing connection can help build new friendships and demonstrate your work ethic in the professional world.”
- Jim McCrindle ’03, Cornell University ’07

“The Malvern Rowing team gives students a unique opportunity to experience a sport that most students will never access. Rowing is a sport that requires teamwork, endurance, coordination and most importantly mental toughness… Rowing will push you beyond where you thought you could go.”
- Craig Wenger ’04, University of Pennsylvania ’08, Master’s Degree ’09

“I can honestly say that joining the Rowing team at Malvern was one of the best decisions I ever made. During my three years on the team, I met some of my best friends. With the team, I traveled to England, Mexico, and all over the United States. I met, and formed friendships with people from all over the country. The winning culture of the team is something that you wouldn’t find at most other high schools. I hope that anyone who is even considering joining the Rowing team at Malvern decides to because it is a decision they will not regret.”
- Sean Stewart ’08, St. Joseph’s University ’12

“… Rowing at Malvern under Coach Hoffman enabled me to row at Princeton University where I was a two-year varsity lightweight. I was elected captain of the Princeton lightweights and our varsity 8+ completed a perfect undefeated season with victories at the Eastern Sprints, IRA, and Henley Royal Regatta in the Temple Challenge Cup event. My success in college and beyond is a direct result of the qualities and values that were instilled in me by Coach Hoffman at Malvern. I would encourage any student who seeks the opportunities that I have had to row for Coach Hoffman, as he can teach you to put your goals within reach so long as you have the heart and tenacity to do so.”
- Justin Teti ’05, Princeton University ’09

“The team’s approach is identical to the way successful college programs operate; this made my transition to Princeton a seamless one. Coach Hoffman is one of the most respected technical coaches in the country, on any level, allowing his athletes to succeed beyond their strength (both at Malvern and afterwards)… This combination helped me to be a part of Princeton boats that won two Ivy League championships, a national championship, and two Henley Royal Regattas in England. Successful rowers are confident, motivated and a little crazy, but also must be loyal and possess a refined sense of humor and optimism…”
- Bill Morgan ’02, Princeton University ’06, University of Pennsylvania Law ’11

“Joining the Rowing team was easily the best decision I made during my time at Malvern Prep. As a freshman, I was unsure of myself and had no idea what I wanted out of my high school experience. I found my stride with the crew team. It was a lot of hard work and Coach Hoffman will tell you, I was no natural athlete, and to top it off I was overweight. I got involved with the team during the winter training and by the time we finished our spring season I had lost over 30 pounds… From my experiences I have learned the value of dedication, discipline and hard work, but most importantly I had a great time doing it and forged lifelong friendships… Take advantage of this opportunity, you won’t regret it.”
- Joseph Smart ’03, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania ’07

“Rowing at Malvern spurred my growth into both an athlete on the river and a disciplined student in the classroom. Malvern’s Rowing program, under the guidance of Coach Hoffman, prepared me to take on the many athletic and academic challenges that I would face in college and beyond. The sport taught me self-discipline, leadership, team work, time management and the ability to push myself to achieve any goal I set, all while having fun and being a part of one of the most successful high-school rowing programs in the country… The qualities I learned while rowing at Malvern undoubtedly contributed to my success at Dartmouth where I was a four-year varsity rower, an Eastern Sprints and Ivy League champion, Hall of Fame inductee and captain of the 2009 Dartmouth lightweight crew.”
- Aaron Martin ’05, Dartmouth College ’09, Jefferson Medical College M.D. ’13

“My career on Malvern Prep’s Crew Team, and the opportunities I’ve gained because of it, have no doubt been the most influential aspects of my early life. I had the privilege of competing alongside friends who were inspiring in their work ethic and dedication. I had the fortune of being coached by one of rowing’s most successful leaders who taught me that success was not won in the race itself but rather it was earned through the time, energy and dedication with which you prepared for it. During my career at Malvern I was honored to be a part of a crew that won 3 US Rowing National Championships in 3 years. Malvern’s reputation for success, responsibility and dedication opened doors for me that would have otherwise never been possible. The lessons learned and opportunities gained continue to have a profound impact on my life half a decade later.”
- Ryan Coyne ’06, Cornell University ’10


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