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Remembering Joy Pancoast
by Christian Talbot,  Head of School
I have two mugs at work, one for tea and one for coffee. Each is emblazoned with the Malvern Prep “MP,” but each has a different quote. Here is what my coffee mug says: “Make your manner of life an eloquent speech." -St. Augustine
An aspirational standard, for sure. Who could possibly live up to it? Her name is Joy Pancoast.


Four Short Years: A Father's Reflection on His Time at Malvern Prep

By Scott Bennett P'16'19

It has often been said that we tend to overestimate what we can do in a year but underestimate what we can do in five.

What I am most impressed by is what "you" have accomplished in the four.

By "you" I mean the entire Malvern Community So, I guess what I really mean is "us." "Us" includes my wife, other parents, Justice's classmates, his teammates, his roommates, his teachers, his counselors, his foreign exchange host family and a few who deserve special mention including Captain Boyce, Coach Jay Schiller, Larry Legner, Kate Plows, Christian Talbot and Father Flynn.

You all are amazing ... and I am grateful for your contribution to my son's "evolution." READ MORE

Global Exchange: Two Personal Reflections

by Teddy Hawke '20 and Renee Bull P'20

Our summer was full of anticipation and excitement. Rodrigo, our 13-year-old exchange student from Madrid, Spain, and our new family member for the next four months, had arrived! He was shy and timid at first but quickly adjusted to our routine. Rodrigo was eager to see and explore as much of the American lifestyle as possible including a wish list consisting of running up the Art Museum steps, a photo next to Rocky and American-sized hamburgers. Read more

Fathers Get Involved

by Michael Mankowski P'16'18

I became involved with our Malvern Prep Fathers’ Club a few years ago by attending occasional Thursday night meetings, joining other Malvern Dads in breaking bread, and sharing experiences. I remember my first volunteering opportunity, as Sean McLarney P '12 '15 asked for help with the 2014 Father-Son banquet. Piece of cake I thought. All I thought I was going to show up an hour early and sell 50-50 tickets. I ended up exceeding my quota and helped run the event in 2016. Read more

We’re All in This Together

by Jason Sammartino '04, English Teacher

Brotherhood means a helping hand is never far away. There are no passengers or one-way streets in brotherhoods. A commitment to the community’s success as well as a comfort in the knowledge that support, in a myriad of different ways, is always near. During my time as a student at Malvern, the brotherhood taught me how to be a friend, a teammate and a member of a community; these lessons from my youth continue to provide an influence into my actions and expectations as an adult. Read more

The Recording Never Lies: How I Turned from a Musician into an Artist

by Emanuel Del Pizzo P'11, Music Director

Did you know that Malvern Prep owns and operates a professional recording studio here on campus? It’s available for all of our students to use. You may be wondering what in the world a high school would be doing with a recording studio and why. High schools have bands, choruses and theater but why a recording studio? READ MORE

Stand Up and Stand Out

by John Bohannon, English Teacher, Young Poets Club Moderator

There is a small committee of six teachers led by Ms. Jackie White and Dr. James Fry whose stated mission is to provide an arena for students at Malvern to present their best, most creative and most thought-provoking work. Ideally, it includes all facets of the Malvern experience —from academics and the arts to athletics and activities. Simply put, if a student does something he is proud of, we offer him a space to showcase it. Its name is SUSO. Stand Up and Stand Out is what we encourage our students to do. READ MORE

Welcome to Our Home

by Jamie Wasson ’87, Grade Administrator, English Teacher

Nobody ever told me to pay it forward. I never thought I would have the opportunity to do so.  Almost 25 years ago, a man by the name of Michael Dodds and his wife, Helen, welcomed me into their home in Melbourne, Australia. As a young, naive, college graduate I lived with them for almost six months while playing lacrosse for their club team, Caulfield. With three teenage children of their own, this was no trivial matter. READ MORE

The Gift You Have Received, Give as Gift

by Jimmy White '09, Middle School Theology Teacher

As Jesus commissions His disciples, He reminds them, “Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give.” This is our call to sacrificial love, the love that has been given to us freely, and therefore must be shared with others, at no cost. Jesus Himself surely knew this love when He prayed to His Heavenly Father on the night before He was to die, “Thy will be done.” God invited His son to make the ultimate sacrifice of love on the cross, and He invites us each day to make our own sacrifice of love by giving the gifts we have received. READ MORE

Adapting to a New Way of Learning

by Stephanie Giampietro P’21
(originially posted March 3, 2015)

Worksheets; workbooks; textbooks. So much information to memorize and so much regurgitation. Of course, there was the occasional written report. That was life in fifth grade. Sixth grade at Malvern is quite a different experience. READ MORE

The Family Trip of a Lifetime

by Ryan Gabriel '18

Ever been on a trip? I have, and thought that it was the greatest and most joyful experience of my life. My family takes trips to Disney almost every year, and we seem to find a way to make the each trip better than the last. READ MORE

“Turning the Tide” - Making Caritas Common

by Ian Harkness, Director of College Counseling

At times, the world of college admissions can be an unpredictable and uncontrollable beast all of us contribute to in one way or another. As a college counselor, my responsibility in supporting each student’s journey to college is pretty self-explanatory. Students meet with me regularly to talk about academic achievements, course selection, standardized testing strategy, to review a draft of their college essay, or for advice on what colleges might be a good “fit” for them.  But what is the role of a parent, a teacher, a friend or even a college
admission officer in this process? READ MORE

How Malvern Prep Uses Social Media

by Sarah Ravenfeld, Social Media and PR Specialist, Communications Office

How did we exist before the advent of social media? How did marketers do their jobs? How did companies and businesses promote their products? How did I communicate with my best friend before Snapchat? How did Malvern Prep share all of the wonderful things happening within the Malvern Prep community. READ MORE

Paying it Forward - Celebrating Father Duffy Day

by Carrie Snyder P’22, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Over the past several weeks, we have remembered a man that did so much for so many - Fr. Dave Duffy ‘48. It has been ten years since his passing, and his warmth continues to envelop our campus. There isn’t a week that goes by that someone doesn’t mention his name. It was an honor to know him, but even more of a blessing to be a member of his family. He exemplified not only “exceptional love,” as quoted in Malvern’s mission statement, but also unconditional love. READ MORE

Acts of Kindness

by Dr. Dorothy K. Sayers P’15 ’18, School Psychologist 

We live in a world in which people expect something in return for performing some kind of act. The phrase that comes to mind is, “What am I going to get out of it?” What if we lived in a world in which what people gained from doing something was not the initial thought or concern? What if the first thought was, “How will the receiver feel” or “How will my neighbor feel if I prepare a meal for him,” or “How will my husband feel if I prepare his coffee for him in the morning?” READ MORE


Reaffirming Our Catholic Tradition

Reafriming-Catholic-Tradition.pngby Fr. Christopher Drennen, O.S.A., ’73, Director of Augustinian Identity

To affirm the Catholic faith and tradition often means standing up for what we believe. Although the days of church burnings are not as obvious as they were in the 1840s, it is still important to stand up! Malvern Prep has continued that tradition through education, community building and Christian Service since the campus moved to Malvern in the 1920s. READ MORE

MECO: Pressing the Pause Button

by Andrew DiDomenico ’02, MECO Coordinator, Theology Teacher   

All last school year, I eagerly anticipated the time I would get to spend with my 18-month-old daughter this summer. But my vision of this time was a little skewed. I thought she would love the nightly ritual of sitting down and watching a three-hour baseball game with me. READ MORE

Fathers, Sons and the Link Between What Was, What Is, and What Will Be

by Ron Algeo ’87 P’15, Head of Upper School

Why was it important for me to be able to provide my son with a Malvern Prep education? Malvern has done so much for me not just as a student, but as a young man, as a grown man and as a human being. READ MORE  

Father Duffy Is Counting on Us

By the Rev. James R. Flynn, O.S.A., President

This Saturday, January 9, marks the 10th anniversary of Father Dave Duffy’s passing. We will be celebrating his life with a Mass and reception beginning at 9:30 a.m. in the chapel. All are invited to join us as we remember, in the words of Father Erdlen, this “fine man, great priest and loyal friend.” For those of you who did not know Father Duffy, I share these words from Father Erdlen, as well as the eulogy given by Father Duffy’s niece Kathy Duffy, to help you understand just how important Father Duffy was in creating the Malvern Prep we know today. For those that knew Father Duffy, I hope these words bring back vivid memories filled with warmth and compassion, because that is exactly what I feel as I reread these pieces. Remember that feeling of meeting him and knowing that God’s work was being done through him. READ MORE

The Human Option

by Kate Plows, Ceramics, Graphic Design, and Journalism Teacher

She sat down at the wheel with a lopsided ball of clay, and most of the tools she would need. Her hands might have been shaking, but it was hard to tell, as I did not want to make her nervous by watching too closely. Her daughter sat right beside her, studying her mother and the wheel intently. READ MORE

Inspired to Give to Malvern This Christmas

by Carolyn McLaughlin, Associate Director of Development

“I feel fortunate every day to work at Malvern Prep. The talent and dedication of our faculty, students and their families is truly inspiring.” READ MORE 

The Best Way to Learn How to Lead? Just Do It

by Aaron Brady, Director of Experiential Learning, Head Football Coach

Tim Irvine '17 understands the challenges that a young man faces during his high school career. Classes, homework, sports, and social life all compete for his time. Tim also recognizes the importance of staying grounded in his faith. These reasons led Tim to attend Malvern Prep and become involved in many activities at the school. READ MORE

The Importance of Service

by Larry Legner, Director of Christian Service

Why do we, as a School, put such a strong emphasis on service to others? That is a question I am often asked by students, parents, and folks outside of our Augustinian family. The answer is complex yet simple. READ MORE

St. Augustine and John Wooden: Two Great Coaches on Life

by Rick Poce, Theology Teacher, Assistant Dean of Students

The famous UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, stated, “What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player.” Wooden’s words remind us that being a good and moral person carries more weight in life than becoming famous or popular. READ MORE


Everyday Miracles, Pope Francis and my Confession of Faith

by Patrick Keenan '18

I think I’m a good disciple of Christ, or at least I aspire to be one. However, sometimes I find myself asking questions. “Is God truly out there?” “Is there really life after death?” “If God is real, why can’t I talk to him directly?” READ MORE

The Mind-Body Connection: 21st Century Physical Education

by Jay Schiller, Health and Physical Education Department Leader

Did you know that regular physical activity actually helps develop your mind?  Yep, exercise can make you smarter! READ MORE

The Power of Reflection

by Michele Lott, Assistant to Middle School Head of School
Chris DeVido, Science Teacher
Rob Buscaglia, Language Teacher 

Our Middle School students have truly responded to this process in the utmost positive way, and between the academy weekly sessions and the in class work of the 8th graders Unitas is alive and well all through the power of reflection. READ MORE

Dear Parents, Thank you for my Wonderful Life

by Jim Fry, Science Teacher, Director of Student Life, Malvern Theatre Society Director

Forty years ago, I first felt the true meaning of love. It was at this time my parents were faced with an extremely difficult decision. READ MORE

Inside the Mod

by Chuck Chinici, Stewardship Coordinator

Some call it the Mod Space, some call it the Pod, and some call it the Middle School Learning Commons. Yes, there is a new structure located between Duffy Arts Center and Dougherty Hall that, although temporary, will serve as an important element in the future of Malvern Prep Middle School education. READ MORE

Why I Come Back for Homecoming

by Bryan Forcino '96 T

For those of us alums who have attended Homecoming, we know the special feeling we get when we walk back on campus. Our Homecoming experience is one of those “Malvern Moments” that is welcoming and rewarding. During this “Malvern Moment,” the campus is full of fall color, and the various activities on campus are vibrant. Homecoming is a great time to bring the family to enjoy a autumn day and catch up with fellow alumni, teachers, staff, current students and parents. READ MORE

"Love is in the Air"

by Christian Talbot, Head of School

When I walked into the MSLA room, I saw written on the wall “Leadership is not a title, it’s an opportunity.” These sixth, seventh, and eighth graders described their plans to make authentic connections to the communities they wish to serve. Once they make those connections, they plan to host dances, food drives, and other community experiences to deepen those connections. As one student said, “We want to actually know the people we’re helping.” READ MORE

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

By Drew Schantz '15

A few days ago Dr. Fry sent me an email asking me to share my experiences with both areas of student life here at Malvern, sports and activities. Before responding I sort of sat there and reflected on what I’ve done here and thought about what I would say. The first thing that popped into my head, of course, was lacrosse and the memories made over the last four years. If I would have been asked at the beginning of my junior year what defines Drew Schantz at Malvern an immediate answer would be lacrosse. But two years later I wouldn’t be able to agree with that. I, Drew Schantz, am a jock, thespian, and singer and I couldn’t be happier to say that. READ MORE

Using Student-Centered Learning to Understand Student-Centered Learning

by Mike Blithe ’15

We, the students of Mr. Talbot’s writing seminar, feel that it is imperative for the entire Malvern Community to be engaged in student-centered learning because it will allow Malvern students to gain valuable tools, such as curiosity and problem solving skills, that are needed to be successful at Malvern, in college, and in life. So, we made a video about it.  READ MORE

On Backpacks and Empathy

by Kate Plows, Art Teacher, Advisor to The Blackfriar Chronicle

I have been thinking a lot about backpacks and the weight our students carry.  This morning, I saw a freshman walking across campus with a backpack so densely packed it looked like it was about to topple him backwards. And yet, that is only the load that we see. READ MORE

Importance of International Connections

by Pat Williams '03, Assistant Director of Admissions and Diversity

Since our dormitories closed back in the early 70’s and Malvern transitioned to a day school, we have had very few international students. However, we had quite a few international applicants this year and anticipate the number of applications to continue to increase. What an amazing opportunity to enrich our students' experience! READ MORE


Global Transformations

by Teresa Lohse, Global Exchange Program Director

Travel changes lives and opens doors. It transforms hopes into concrete realities. I have seen this  in my own life, as well as in the lives of those students who have participated in Malvern’s Global Exchange Program. Once you get to know another person’s culture and, in many cases, his language, you are never the same person.  READ MORE

Design Thinking: Not Just for Students!

by Harriet Lappas, Social Studies Teacher

At this time of year we all tend to be a little tired and a little overwhelmed.  Easter Break seems to come at exactly the right time.  A month before break, I received an email about a Design Thinking Workshop here on campus.  It sounded intriguing, but it fell on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of break week.  I had a tough decision to make…  I decided to jump in and give it a go.  READ MORE

Let's Talk

by Scott Bennett P’16

I was recently served a devastating reminder of just how impulsive teenage boys can be. READ MORE


Studio Culture and 21st Century Education

by Ryan Murphy ’11

Earlier this year, renowned artist Yoko Ono paid to take out a full-page advertisement in the 2015 New Years issue of the New York Times. Rather than publish an ad or show off her own work, Yoko wrote about how as a society we’ve become too attached to ideals of discovery and achievement. We invest in a standard set of acquirable skills, believing them to be enablers of the next great discovery. Yoko argues that we are actually not “discovering” anything but rather “uncovering” what is already there. That everything around us has miracles inside if we are only willing to uncover them. As a graduating senior at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), my past four years have been spent in this process of uncovering. READ MORE

Shaky as a Fiddler

by John Scargall ’08

A few weeks ago, I thought about a quote that I first encountered at Malvern. It was one of my lines as Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof", when we opened up The Duffy Center.  The line goes: "Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as a fiddler on the roof." At the time, I just memorized the line and performed the monologue without thinking too much about it. Then it hit me. READ MORE

End Game

by Deb and John Daller P’17‘20

“No!!! Another 7:00 a.m. practice? Can’t I ever sleep in?”  These words have echoed throughout our home more than one time. 
Raising two boys who play multiple sports presents challenges to ensuring a home-school-extracurricular balance. READ MORE

So, What Does the Director of Diversity Do?

by Patrick Williams ’03, Assistant Director of Admissions and Diversity

Since I started the application process to become the Assistant Director of Admissions and of Diversity 10 months ago, I have been asked many times what I would be doing as far as Diversity. My initial response was more speculation than anything. READ MORE

Adapting to a New Way of Learning

by Stephanie Giampietro P’21

Worksheets.  Workbooks.  Textbooks.  Lots of information to memorize and lots of regurgitation.  Of course, there was the occasional written report.  That was life in fifth grade.  Sixth grade at Malvern has been quite a different experience! READ MORE


What Are His Job Prospects?

by Moira Murphy P ’11,’14, T

“What Are His Job Prospects?”

That’s a question I hear a lot lately from friends and fellow parents when they find out that my son Ryan ’11 will be graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in a few months.  Often their inquiry springs from a concern that Ryan is consigned to life as a starving artist—creative, yes, but not gainfully employable. And why would an academically-talented, math and science student give up a sure-thing career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to study art and design anyway? READ MORE


Helping Others Through Loss and Grief

by Dorothy Sayers, School Psychologist

When the loss is new, people will often acknowledge the loss. Although it is difficult and, perhaps uncomfortable, to do among adults, it becomes much more complicated when a young person loses a parent, grandparent, sibling, or friend. READ MORE

Can I See Your Credentials Please?

by Jamie Wasson ‘87, Sixth Grade Teacher

In the world of education there has been a big buzz surrounding the concept of digital badging. Digital badges are a way to show or display learning, much like a merit badge in Boy Scouts. One of this year’s themes in the sixth grade is journalism.  It occurred to me as I was planning my year, that journalists have and acquire badges.  READ MORE

In Need of a 48-hour Day

by Steven P. Swope, M.Ed., Middle School Global Perspectives Teacher

With the frantic pace of another Christmas season behind us, it seems fitting that only now can we, as parents, come up for air.  Not so fast!  As the parent of two children (ages 8 and 12), while every day is truly a blessing, each day comes at the same frantic pace as those experienced during the holiday season. As parents, we are called upon to do so many things, often within the confines of a single day. In the midst of this organized chaos, however, I find it especially rewarding when I make time to speak with my children about their school day. READ MORE

Design Thinking

By: Jack Cassidy '20

I started Design Thinking in November and it first thought it would be a walk in the park. Then I realized it was a lot more than that. My group and I needed to work hard, coordinate with each other and work as a team while having resilience. READ MORE

The Future of Independent Schools

by Carrie Snyder, Director of Strategic Initiatives

In my role as the Director of Strategic Initiatives, I am charged with overseeing the projects associated with Malvern’s strategic vision. While we are pleased with how much we have accomplished, we also know that we must plan for the ever-changing future. And I feel confident telling you that Malvern is ahead of the curve in preparing for the future.  READ MORE

A Better Way to Spend a Day

by Carmen Ostrowski P’17

A hot topic among Malvern parents this year has been the modified block schedule. READ MORE

Thank You

by Alexandra Litvinas, Director of The Malvern Fund

This time of year, people often count their blessings.  At Malvern, we are blessed with generous Malvern Fund donors. READ MORE

If You Want a Student-Driven Program, Start by Asking"Why?"

by Kevin Quinn, Robotics Moderator, Science Department Leader, Physics Teacher, Computer Science Teacher  

When I began serving as the lead mentor for Malvern’s robotics program last year, I found that we had two big problems. READ MORE

Building The Skills Toolbox

by Rob Buscaglia, Spanish Teacher

A broad consensus has been building around the idea that an important outcome of education should be the development of 21st Century Skills: critical thinking, collaboration across networks, innovation, entrepreneurship, accessing and analyzing information, and effective communication. As a teacher of 6th grade students, I realize that an outcome that focuses on developing a sophisticated set of real world skills can be a pretty lofty one for pre-adolescents. READ MORE

Traditions are Great but Rituals Define Who We Are

by Mary Schreiner, Middle School Counselor, Mathematics Teacher

The upcoming holidays bring thoughts to many of traditions, family gatherings and a collection of priceless memories.  To others the holiday season brings stress (not the good kind!), depression and some say, though it is not confirmed, an increased rate of suicide. Bah Humbug!  As a counselor I have to ask, whyREAD MORE

The Leadership Obligation

by Tim Connors P'18'20

I am a big fan of Tom Clancy books, particularly the ones involving Jack Ryan. Jack goes from being a CIA analyst, to the head of the CIA, to a Senator, to VP, to being the President of the United States.  All the while, hating the experience! Why did Jack continue to find himself in increased positions of authority?  READ MORE

Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist

by Tasha Hillery

At our recent Open House, Head of School Christian Talbot described the Malvern Prep difference: it transforms the student, not only by helping him to grow into the best version of himself, but also by preparing him for our global economy and society. Talbot cited this interview with Jamie Casap, Google's Global Education ChiefCasap emphasizes that schools face a unique challenge: to educate students for jobs that don't yet exist.  The best way to do that?  Teach children how to ask the right questions to solve complex problems within a team. Malvern Prep offers this learning experience by design.  READ MORE

Learning by Doing: Photo Contest Winners

by Aaron Brady, Director of Experiential Education, Head Football Coach

Congratulations to Middle School Winner Champ Doyle, Upper School Winner Cullen Robinson, and Faculty Winner Colleen Lewis! We ran the Platon Photo Challenge to give our students (and faculty/staff) the opportunity to learn by doing. READ MORE


We are Like This

by John Kuyat'15

There is an inevitably grim reality that The Laramie Project, a play about the aftermath of a real-life hate crime, quite entails. We make mistakes, but we cast stones. We justify our actions, but we judge others. We are different, yet we force conformity. Zubaida Ula, a character in the play, says it best: “We are like this.” READ MORE

Say It Right: Malvern Prep Presents The Laramie Project

by Dr. Jim Fry, Director of The Malvern Theatre Society

On October 12, 1998, Matthew Shepard died. He was tortured, pistol whipped, beaten up, robbed, stripped, and tied to a piece of wood. Matt was your average guy living life to the fullest. Now, imagine that he was your friend, brother, son, neighbor, student. READ MORE

Platon, Putin and The Beatles: Learning Through Creation

by Christian Talbot, Head of School

If you had to guess Vladimir Putin’s favorite band, would you guess The Beatles?  (It is.)  Would you guess that his favorite Beatle is Ringo?  (Nope—his favorite is Paul.)  Would you guess that his favorite song is “Yesterday”?  (It is.  Take a moment to consider the lyrics, and what that tells you about Putin!) I learned all of this in June at SEI’s headquarters, where acclaimed photographer Platon spoke.  Platon was the first person to take an official portrait of Putin outside the Kremlin.  READ MORE

Coming Home

by Victor F. D'Ascenzo '81, Director of Development

As a Malvern alumnus, who relocated to Connecticut 30 years ago, I always looked for opportunities to return to campus. Homecoming allowed me to come home on several levels. READ MORE

Why Do Boys Do That?

by Ron Alego '87, Upper School Head

Teaching in an all-boys environment for 23 years has allowed me the opportunity to witness some amazing things. There is so much that these boys have taught me and continue to teach me, especially when it comes to why they do what they do. READ MORE

Inviting Connections

by Patrick Sillup, MIddle School Head

Schools have perfected one-way communication— delivering information to parents and students with little time for feedback, reflection, and collaboration. This is not a mistake. It is a much easier approach and one you’ve likely experienced. But is it the right approach?  Connections are the cornerstone of something different— an approach that creates platforms for all stakeholders to wrestle with ideas, express opinions and shape experiences. READ MORE

Making the Best of New Beginnings

by Colleen Lewis, MS, NCC, School Counselor A-E

So, you’re new to Malvern.  Welcome!  I’m sure that some of you are handling this new transition full of confidence and self-assuredness, and have hit the ground running. That’s fantastic! But I’m also sure that many of you have come to Malvern with at least a hint of anxiety and a lot of questions. Will I fit in?  Will it be too hard?  What if it’s not what I thought it would be?  Here are three ways that you can help make your transition go more smoothly. READ MORE

Pressing the Pause Button

by Andrew DiDomenico, MECO Coordinator, Theology Teacher

All last school year, I eagerly anticipated the time I would get to spend with my 18 month old daughter this summer. But my vision of this time was a little skewed. I thought she would love the nightly ritual of sitting down and watching a three hour baseball game with me. While down the shore, I thought she would enjoy calmly sitting in her beach chair as I read the paper. I thought she might entertain herself while I caught up with some TV shows I missed last year. Of course, not one of those things happened. READ MORE

The Importance of Service

by Larry Legner, Director of Christian Service

Why do we, as a School, put such a strong emphasis on service to others? That is a question I am often asked by students, parents, and folks outside of our Augustinian family. The answer is complex yet simple. We have all been blessed with many gifts and talents and have a responsibility to share them with others. READ MORE

A Coach’s Perspective on Social Media

by John Harmatuk, Assistant Athletic Director, Head Basketball Coach

One thing coaches are paying more attention to is their players’ and prospective recruits’ social media participation. This can have both positive and negative effects on the student-athlete. READ MORE

A Prayer for 9-11

by Rev. Dr. Joseph Oechsle 

Today, we pause to remember that moment of horror and pray for those left scarred by those terrible events. We remember the first time we heard the news. We recall the first time we saw those images.

We remember the way our thoughts and prayers were with those families who lost loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with them again today.

We remember those who survived. We recall their heart-breaking stories. We remember that their lives are forever scarred by those moments. Our thoughts and prayers are with them again today.

We remember the pain we felt. We recall the bereavement and bitterness of the aftermath. We remember that you are a God of redemption and restoration. Help us forgive those who caused so much trauma, and that we may find release in that forgiveness.

We remember that you love the world. We recall you sent your Son to bring reconciliation and salvation. We remember your Spirit inhabits your Church. Help us bring your comfort and peace to all.

A Message to New Students

by Ann Wuetig, MA, NCCS, School Counselor 

There is something scary about lunchtime. No, I'm not talking about the eating part; I'm referring to the “with whom you will sit” part. I often hear, "Will there be enough room for me?" Or, "Will I know anyone in my lunch block?"  READ MORE



Our Mission, Our Way of Life

by Fr. Chris Drennen, OSA '73

Malvern Prep is a mission-driven school.   You’ll see our Mission Statement all over campus and in publications. More importantly, I believe, you will find the mission alive in our students, faculty, staff, administrators and families. Our core values of Truth, Unity and Love are more than just nice words- they are Malvern’s way of life. READ MORE



Prepping for the New School Year

By Patti Murphy P'16

Well, here it is again - late August and it’s time to shift gears into the academic mode. It feels so familiar since I’ve had a child in high school since 2005, but I always have to mentally prepare myself and my family for the school year ahead. Writing everything down helps me effectively plan these last few days. READ MORE

Creation: Our 2014-2015 School Theme

By Christian Talbot

At a critical point during my Senior Writing Seminar last year, I asked my students how they might demonstrate their learning about “Redeployment,” a short story. They conferenced, and then one of them said, “We want to write a screenplay.”

“You guys do know that screenplays involve a lot of work, right?”

They insisted, and in short order they had set up a work schedule. Over the remainder of the semester, they consulted with screenwriter Brad Ingelsby, brainstormed with writer Phil Klay (author of “Redeploment”), produced multiple screenplay drafts, and filmed their script. In May, they presented their film to the entire Upper School. READ MORE

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